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Dromedaire Cuvée


Our flagship roast, Dromedaire, is named In honor of the ship that carried the first coffee sapling from Martinique to the French colonies of South America. It is a sweet, bold and approachable coffee from our very own farm, Fazenda Monte Verde, in the Carmo de Minas region of Brazil. It is a blend of varietals grown in different plots at varying elevations on the farm. We remove the skin from the coffee cherry, leaving the fruity mucilage around the seed, and dry it on our patios. This creates a very sweet, clean and uniform cup, with a big body. We hope you’ll enjoy the chocolate, hazelnut and pear notes that accentuate the cup. Our Dromedaire Cuveé is a light/medium roast.

This coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Light Medium Roast | Origin Brazil

Notes: Chocolate, Hazelnut, Pear

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Fazenda Monte Verde, a consistent finalist in the Brazilian Cup of Excellence Competition, is located in the municipality of Carmo de Minas in the Mantiqueira region, which has excellent growing conditions for the production of high quality coffees and is internationally recognized for coffee exports.

Dromedaire Cuvée Features

Ideal bean for brewing gourmet drip coffee, cappuccinos, espresso, and for the home barista who loves French Press, Chemex Pour Over, Hario V6, or Aeropress coffee methods

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